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Our team

Štěpán Trojánek | Co-founder of Pod 7 kilo

Role in Pod 7 kilo: I am responsible for selecting the assortment and coordinating team activities. I have high demands on both, which makes my colleagues happy every day. :)

Favorite country: Taiwan

Favorite transportation: plane

Favorite product: Platypus Softbottle

Travel diagnosis: Love for travel gadgets and hatred for heavy luggage led me to found Pod 7 kilo with my longtime friend Roman. I love exploring of all kinds, whether it is hidden waterfalls at the far end of our planet or picturesque corners of Czech cities with a surprise in the form of a cozy shop or a local restaurant with great food. I plan trips in a minimum advance and I enjoy the feeling of freedom and the opportunity to let myself be taken somewhere by chance. I try not to hurry and not to be bound by the idea of "compulsory activities" in a place.

Roman Sušanka | Co-founder of Pod 7 kilo

Role in Pod 7 kilo: Since we gave my friend Štěpán's idea a specific form in the form of Pod 7 kilo, I have tried all activities that are possible and impossible. Nevertheless, most of the time I was doing graphics and design, which I am currently in charge of along with the development of the e-shop.

Favorite country: planet Earth

Favorite transportation: train, legs

Favorite product: Cumulus Lite Line 300 sleeping bag

Travel diagnosis: Trips to nature are a necessity for me. As well as a light backpack filled mostly with food, that tastes somehow better on the fresh air and with a nice view :) Freedom, getting to know each other, synchronizing biorhythms and admiring unknown beauties are what draw me to a wandering and enjoyable way of traveling.

Viktorka Hlaváčková | Viktorčina Cesta tam

Role in Pod 7 kilo: I test the equipment for Pod 7 kilo and if I am currently in the Czech Republic, you can meet me at the store.

Favorite country: mountainous

Favorite transportation: my own body

Favorite product: Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Tarp Poncho

Travel diagnosis: I like to travel light, cheap and without planes. I specialize in long-distance treks, especially off-trail hiking (planning your own routes using topographic maps). On foot I crossed through the Carpathian Arch from Zlín to the Romanian Banat, Caucasus from the Black Sea in Georgia to the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan and many others. As a part of my hobby in micro-adventures, I traveled to Italy disguised as a man, or went down the river on an inflatable lounger. On the go, I look for volunteer projects, film, photograph and test the equipment. I write about it on my website ultraviktorka.net (only in Czech but it has photos).

Vít Jindra

Role in Pod 7 kilo: I am in charge of the brick and mortar shop and the affiliate program. Above all, I am the director of the festival stand. Here and there I ca also be seen on our social networks in the role of a model.

Favorite country: Czechia

Favorite transportation: legs, bike, train, Millennium Falcon

Favorite product: Cumulus Quilt 250

Travel diagnosis: During my travels, I use everything I have learned in my life. I walk. I ride a bike. I climb rocks or ice. I roll. I go to cities mainly for architecture, fine arts and getting to know the locals through Couchsurfing. My friend and our tester Viktorka brought me to Pod 7 kilo. It happened late at night at our favorite snack stop, and to this day I'm amazed that I was still able to make such a good decision. :)

Bára Fialová | Fijalka.cz

Role in Pod 7 kilo: Since March, I have been pulling the strings of marketing and I am in charge of photographing our photomodel Vítek. :)

Favorite country: New Zealand

Favorite transportation: campervan, legs

Favorite product: Icebreaker merino T-shirt

Travel diagnosis: With my camera and backpack, I like to wander through nature, where I don't meet so many people. I traveled around New Zealand for a year, lived in Germany for a year, or worked on a farm on the frozen island of Kimitoo in Finland for a few months in the winter. I try to gather experiences and meet new people on the road, rather than amassing things I don't need (that's what life in the car taught me). I believe that our lives are about discovering and getting to know each other, and I would like everyone to leave their comfort zone from time to time. It's worth it, really! :) I write my travel experiences on my website Fijalka.cz (only in Czech, but with photos).

Filip Sloboda

Role in Pod 7 kilo: My job is to make sure that we have eveyrhing in stock. I order what is missing and watch everything else. And if something is sold out, it's definitely on its way. :)

Favorite country: Czech Republic

Favorite transportation: my legs

Favorite product: backpack Gossamer Gear Kumo 36

Travel diagnosis: I like getting to know the beauties of our country, which I do on foot on treks and hikes and sometimes on bike. I only put a few things for sleeping and a pile of food into my backpack and I can go on an adventure.

Kačka Šafářová

Role in Pod 7 kilo: I am a new reinforcement at the store. I also join Vítek during photo sessions.

Favorite country: Italy, Philippines

Favorite transportation: Ship, legs

Favorite product: Sea to Summit X-Pot Kettle

Travel diagnosis:I do not reject opportunities, especially those to travel. When there is a mountain, I climb to the top, when there is water, I jump into it. I would like to go see the Moon, but so far the furthest place I have been too is China, where I have lived for over a year. I can do with little, whether I climb rocks or sail under a pirate flag. My superpower is to cook from scratch, I satisfy hordes of hungry people with a pack of pasta.