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  • Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Uberlite

Packable bags


207 g

Durable, waterproof and cool-looking packable backpack.

In stock

26 g

Lighter and smaller than other 25l shopping bags when packed. Waterproof material.

In stock

30 g

The lightest backpack ever made, can be stashed in your pocket. The perfect travel companion.

In stock

160 g

Ultra-lightweight waterproof packable 22l backpack.

In stock

72 g

Popular pocketable waterproof 20l backpack. Waterproof material.

In stock

58 g

Ultralight pocketable waterproof 16l shoulder bag with zipper.

In stock

227 g

Handy packable backpack. Use it as an extra backpack for your trip.

In stock