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What are cookies:

When visiting a website, text files containing a small amount of data are stored on your computer, phone, or another device. The use of cookies is to recognize individual user accounts, save user presets, etc. Our cookies will be stored in your device for maximum of 30 days.

Legal basis:

The website operator must obtain free consent to use cookies. Free consent means that access to the website must not be conditional on such consent to cookies. The website operator does not have the possibility to use cookies without the prior consent of the user. Consent is required for marketing, analytical and preferential cookies. Functional cookies required for the proper functioning of the website do not require consent.


How do we use cookies and why:

Our e-shop could not work without necessary (technical) cookies. This type of cookies enables you to get a user account, log in, and purchase goods.

Functional cookies - make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Thanks to them, shopping is easier: for example, you do not need to log in more times or repeatedly choose the number of search results displayed on one page. They also keep your goods in the shopping basket.

Third-party cookies - Facebook (Meta), Google, Affilbox, Heureka, Zbozi.cz - analyze website traffic and conversions, which helps us improve our services. We use Google Ads, Sklik and Meta pixel for remarketing: personalized web ads help us apply to users who have visited our e-shop and did not make a purchase. Ad personalization can be turned off for our partner sites Google Ads, Sklik, Meta pixel.


User consent and its withdrawal:

You allowed us using selected cookies in cookies consent form when you opened our website first time. You can always change your cookie settings in "Cookie settings" link at the bottom right on our website.

Web browsers support global cookie management. You may withdraw your consent anytime by disabling cookies for all websites at the same time in your browser settings. In browser settings, you can manually delete and block individual cookies also. You can find a way to manage your cookies in your browser Help.


Personal data:

None of our cookies collect or contain information classified as personal data. Our cookies cannot identify you as a person.