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DIY: coins in Mighty Wallet? No problem!

Lightweight Mighty Wallet is really thin and you barely know about it in your pocket. But it has one disadvantage – no pocket for coins. That can be the reason why many people chose a different type of wallet.

We came up with a simple solution. You can easily add one or two pockets to your Mighty Wallet on your own at home. If you add two pockets, you will have a perfect travel wallet for two differend currencies.


You will need double-sided tape, self-adhesive velcro a scissors. Don't be afraid of damaging your wallet, you are not going to cut it.


Cut the velcro so that it's about 6,5 cm long (it's too short in the picture).


Cut a  7,5 cm long strip of double sided tape.


Open the wallet so that it makes this tunnel.


Put the tape inside and stick it right to the middle to one side of the tunnel.


That is to make a partition so that the coins stay on just one side of the wallet and you don't have to search too deep in you wallet for them.


When it's inside, take off the protection foil of the tape. This step is a bit challenging but far from impossible.


Than stick the tape to the other side of the wallet. Now you have two side-pockets.


Now it's time for self-adhesive velcro.


Stick the velcro to the edge of a side-pocket. First just one side.


Than take off protection foil and stick the velcro to the other side.


Do the same with the other pocket if you like. It's up to you.


Test it. Put a few coins inside. We recommend that you use the heaviest coins you have and run a test.


Now your wallet is ready. The main disadvantage is gone and yet you have a lightweight wallet, which is why we like it so much.


You dont't have to buy the velcro, if you ask, we will add it to your order for free. If you are afraid of making the pockets on your own, we can do it for you in our brick and marbe store. 

Mighty Wallet has many designs, chose the best one for you.