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Sawyer S3 Foam Water Filter

Unique water-filtration system that gets rid of bacteries, viruses, chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals.

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271 g Weight in grams. We check the weight of almost all items thus our weight information is often more precise than the one given by manufacturers.
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Product information

  • Manufacturer: Sawyer
  • Product code: SP4320
  • EAN: 0050716043204

Enjoy safe, clean water anywhere in the world with Sawyer Select Water Filters and Purifiers which remove virtually all contaminants found in fresh water while also improving taste and odor. These systems combine a proprietary foam membrane in an durable silicone bottle with our 0.1 micron hollow fiber filter at the top — ensuring access to clean water in the backcountry, while you travel, at the office, or for emergencies.

The Foam Adsorption Technology used in these systems was developed with a partnership with Foamulations LLC to now be able to safely remove contaminants like heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and viruses while also improving taste and odor. Adsorption filtration is the process in which molecules adhere to the surface of the adsorbent foam membrane. This highly advanced filtration and purification process, combined with our 0.1 micron absolute filter will ensure that any and all particulate or pathogens above 0.1 microns are filtered out of your water, including bacteria, protozoa, cysts, dirt and sediment.

How to use:

  • Step 1: Unscrew the filter, fill the bottle to the Max Fill line, then screw the filter back onto the bottle.
  • Step 2: Squeeze the bottle in an alternating motion for 10 seconds.
  • Step 3: Drink directly from the filter or dispense water into another container.

The Select systems reduce chemicals down to 0.5 parts per billion (up to 40 times lower than the EPA’s maximum recommended level) and reduce pesticides down to 0.01 parts per billion (400 times lower than the EPA’s maximum).

Completely drying out the the Select Bottle is not necessary. The adsorption filtration technology within the foam is designed to both filter water as well as prevent growth. If you do dry it out and mold grows on the unprotected walls of the bottle, fill the bottle with water and continuously squeeze and release for approximately 3 minutes or until the mold is gone.

Kit Includes

  • Select Foam System with Silicone Bottle and Reducer Cap
  • 0.1 Micron Absolute Sawer Micro Squeeze Filter
  • Cleaning Plunger
  • Cleaning Coupling

Which method of water purification is the best for you?

  • For water in nature, choose Platypus QuickDraw, Sawyer micro squeeze or Squeeze. They filter out all the impurities, bacteries and protozoans.
  • For purification of water near cities or in developing countries, choose Sawyer S3. It gets rid of bacteries, protozoans, viruses, chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals.

Cleaning Sawyer Water filters


Volume 600 ml
Lifespan 400 uses, aprox. 200 l (bottle)
3 000 000 l (filter)
Size 27 × 6 cm (lahev)
10,5 x 4 cm (filtr)
Weight 271 g (filter and bottle together - weighed in Pod 7 kilo)

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