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Traveler's Tree Silk Sarong

Universal silk sarong. Can be used as a skirt, dress or a blanket.

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Product information

Traveler's Tree sarong is a multifunctional friend of every travelling woman. Tied around your hips, a Sarong makes a long skirt and protects your legs against insects and the evening breezes. Wrap it right and the Sarong transforms into a beautiful dress. An ideal accessory for trips to hot and tropical countries.

The 100% silk Sarong is breathable, soft to your skin and responds well to changing temperatures. It keeps you cool in hot weather and starts to warm you when the temperatures begin to fall.

Care: Hand or machine wash (30°C; gentle cycle) with mild detergent or dry clean. Do not bleach or use stain remover. Wash separately. Rinse in cool water and add a little vinegar to maintain shining colors. Drip or tumble dry low. Do not wring.

"Leaves" model has repelent Insect shield which keeps away mosquitoes, ticks and other insects.


Packed size 9 x 11 x 4 cm
Size 110 x 180 cm
Material 100 % silk
Weight 68 g (weighed in Pod 7 kilo)


Packed size 9 x 11 x 4 cm
Size 110 x 180 cm
Material 100 % silk
Weight 68 g (weighed in Pod 7 kilo)

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použití jako šátek, lehká dlouhá sukně, popř. lehká přikrývka nebo šaty
velmi příjemný
malý, skladný, lehký
praktický sáček na zabalaní

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