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Drip it coffee (20 pcs)

Delicious drip coffee in a unique coffe bag- just add hot water and let drip. Elegant gift box.

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334 g Weight in grams. We check the weight of almost all items thus our weight information is often more precise than the one given by manufacturers.
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 15.00 ( 13.04 excl. VAT)

Product information

  • Manufacturer: Drip it
  • Product code: 8594193570270-P7K

Do you want to enjoy a delicious coffe vhen you are travelling or even backpacking? Than the unique Drip it coffe bags are just a thing for you! You will only need a mug and hot water.

The preparation is really simple. Unpack the single-use coffee bag with 10g of exclusive ground coffee. Use the paper handles to hang the coffee bag in the cup (max cup diameter 10 cm) and pour with 160 - 200ml hot water.

Drip it is a great companion not only for travelling but to all the places where you don't have the equipment to prepare quality coffee- at work or at a cottage.

Available in an elegant gift box (20pcs). Drip it is a perfect gift for coffee loving travelers.

Mix pack 20 pcs contains 5× 10g Brazil coffee, 5× 10g Ethiopia coffee, 5× 10g Colombia coffee, 5× 10g Nicaragua coffee.

Mix pack 5 pcs contains 1x10 g Brazil, 1x10 g Colombia Huila (decaffeinated), 1x10 g Colombia, 1x10 g Ethiopia, 1x10 g Nicaragua

Brazil Minas Gerais coffee (100% Arabica)
Brazilian coffe with tones of chocolate and nuts.

Ethiopia coffee (100% Arabica)
Dark roasted coffee with a refreshing taste of citrus and nuts.
Southwest Ethiopia, a region named Oromia/ Djimmah, is known for producing 50% of all Ethiopian coffee for export. Growing coffee on small farms is the main livelihood for most people. The soil in this region is volcanic, and so the coffee is doing very well there. This African coffee is very refreshing and invigorating due to its citrus tones.

Colombia Supremo Coffee (100% Arabica)
Dark roasted coffee, slightly sour with tones of red currant, cranberry and hazelnut.
This coffee comes from the Medellin, Armenia and Popayan areas of South American Columbia at an altitude of 1,400-1800 meters above sea level. This coffee will make your morning much easier. Its stronger flavor with tones of fruit, such as currants and cranberries, will set you up for a new day.

Nicaragua (100% Arabica)
Dark roasted coffee, sweeter taste with tones of milk chocolate and dark honey.
This coffee comes from the Central American state of Nicaragua. It is grown only at a high altitude of 1,200 - 1,400 m. This allows it to ripe more slowly and as a result its grains have a high density and quality. It is one of the sweeter coffees. You will enjoy tones of milk chocolate and dark honey. Excellent asafter lunch, ideally combined with chocolate dessert.

Coffee packs are protected with nitrogen, so that the coffee will not oxidise.

If you are careful enough (it is necessary to hold the coffee bag) you can create a great travel combo and enjoy your Drip It coffee from our X-Cup or X-Mug.

Made in Maroco


Weight 85 g (5 pcs (mix))
334 g (20 pcs (mix))
(weighed in Pod 7 kilo - one serving)

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snadno připravitelná dobrá překapávaná káva

2022/11/23 21:58

Výborná překapávaná káva snadno připravitelná i v nehostinných podmínkách, všude tam, kde jsme schopni připravit horkou vodu
skvělé na všechny cesty

2022/11/23 21:55

Velmi dobrá káva, snadná na přípravu. Lepší do vyššího hrnečku (používám skládací hrneček od Sea to Summit a není to ono). Velmi dobrý úplatek pro kohokoli, koho v divočině potkám.

2022/10/07 12:01

výborná káva
praktické balení
snadná příprava doma i na cestách

2022/09/05 09:48

výborná káva
praktické balení
skvělé na cesty i doma
žádná není

2022/01/14 16:03

výborná káva
výborné balení na cesty i doma

2021/11/18 15:59

výborná káva
praktické balení

2021/11/18 15:58

chuťově velmi dobrá káva
praktické balení

2021/07/26 09:29

Dobrá náhražka kávy z kávovaru.

2020/10/05 08:06

Moje oblíbená kratochvíle na cestách, drip it používám jako lék na zlepšení nálady. Třeba na pěší cestě přes Kavkaz od Černého moři ke Kaspickému, jsem si jednu porci kávy nesla v batohu pro případ, že mi spadne morál. To se naštěstí nestalo, ale byla to přeci jen příjemná tečka za celou cestou. Káva chutná výborně. (Autorka recenze dlouhodobě a zátěžově testuje vybavení pro Pod 7 kilo, občas ji můžete potkat v kamenné prodejně. Více recenzí, gear listů a tipů na cesty můžete najít na jejích stránkách Viktorčina Cesta tam http://wanderingthere.net )

2019/01/07 12:34