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Sawyer Squeeze Pouch

Squeeze water pouch ideal for water filtration

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16 g Weight in grams. We check the weight of almost all items thus our weight information is often more precise than the one given by manufacturers.
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 5.40 ( 4.46 excl. VAT)

Product information

  • Manufacturer: Sawyer
  • Product code: SP113-1

Squeeze water pouch compatible with the Sawyer MINI, Micro, and Squeeze water filters. Available in 32, and 64-ounce capacities, fill them with water from lakes or rivers or under faucets.

Great for hiking, backpacking, ultralight backpacking, camping, and emergency preparedness, these ultra lightweight pouches can be collapsed and rolled up for easy portability.

For other than filtration use we recommend Platypus pouches which are more durable.

Made in USA


Capacity 1 l
Weight 16 g


Capacity 1 l
Weight 16 g

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