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Kousky světa Women's Survival Kit

Beautiful hand-sewn bag with more than 25 items that fits into your purse. Including pepper spray or multifunctional hairclip.

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Product information

  • Manufacturer: Kousky světa
  • Product code: P7K_KPZ_MR
  • EAN: 8594216510160

Women's mini survival kit is a small bag that contains many useful things that come in handy when you are on the road. Designed specifically for women and girls, it also includes the classic components of a standard mini survival kit. It contains basic things to help you in unexpected situations, traveling and everyday life.

  • contains over 25 items
  • handmade in the Czech Republic
  • original design

The bag is hand sewn in the Czech Republic in the ŠN Design workshop. Individual patterns on the fabric are limited edition and will thus change continuously. Patterns that are not currently available in the e-shop will most likely not be available again.


  • Information card - here you will find detailed information about all components
  • Multifunctional clip - contains a lot of gadgets - e.g. opener, scraper, key...
  • Pepper spray - chance is a fool and none of us should miss this thing, plus this one is really tiny
  • Whistle - small but loud, printed on a 3D printer
  • Wet wipe - ecologically degradable, organic
  • Instant glue - small but practical
  • Light - a small light so you don't get lost even in the dark, attached to the zip of the bag, so it's always at hand
  • Sewing kit - 5 types of thread, 1 needle, 1 mini safety pin and 2 buttons
  • Pinettes - 2 pcs
  • Organizers - in the small you will find small things and in the large hygiene accessories
  • Earplugs - a little holiday for your ears
  • Toothpaste - minipaste (5g) heroine for your teeth
  • Travel container - pour your shampoo, gel or your favorite cream here, the container is squeezable
  • Mirror - in the design of a bag
  • Bag - size 20 x 12 cm, inside has straps for easy placement of components
  • Make-up remover tampon - in the design of a bag, the make-up remover part is made of eco bamboo terry
  • Adhesive tape - black adhesive carpet tape
  • Condom
  • Rubber band - the best friend who will always help you with your hair
  • Waterproof patches - two patches 19x72 mm, waterproof, non-irritating
  • Razor - ecological razor
  • Doypack - ecological bag for your hygiene needs
  • Toothbrush - bamboo folding toothbrush
  • File - double-sided
  • Pins - a set of different types of pins
  • Wire - one meter of thin stainless steel track
  • Tightening tapes - two pieces of tightening tapes in a compact package
  • Nanocord - approx. 3 meters of paracord with a load capacity of 15 kg (because if the handle of the bag where you are carrying a baton breaks, it needs something serious
  • Organyc supplies - organic hygiene supplies from the brand Organyc
  • Comb - a beautiful, useful and even eco-friendly bamboo comb

Note: The content of the kit may vary slightly, because it is being constantly improved. The fabric pattern may also vary slightly on each piece, as it is handmade.

Standard (not women's) version HERE.


Size 20 x 13 cm
Weight 200 g (weighed in Pod 7 kilo)


Size 20 x 13 cm
Weight 200 g (weighed in Pod 7 kilo)


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