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Ultreia.cz Credencial Camino de Santiago

Pilgrim's passport for the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela.

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  • Manufacturer: ULTREIA, z.s.
  • Product code: 2007777777157
  • EAN: 2007777777157

Most pilgrims purchase and carry a document called the credencial, which gives access to overnight accommodation along the route. Also known as the "pilgrim's passport", the credencial is stamped with the official St. James stamp of each town or refugio at which the pilgrim has stayed. It provides pilgrims with a record of where they ate or slept and serves as proof to the Pilgrim's Office in Santiago that the journey was accomplished according to an official route and thus that the pilgrim qualifies to receive a compostela (certificate of completion of the pilgrimage).


Weight 27 g

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