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Altra Lone Peak 6 Trail Shoes Men's

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Men's trail shoes with an enlarged toe box. One of the most comfortable shoes for long-distances.

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Product information

  • Product code: AL0A4VQE300

The Lone Peak 6 maintains its status as the trail icon we know and love. This evolution includes the addition of an Altra EGO™ midsole, bringing an extra level of response to every step you take while conquering all types of terrain, with the MaxTrac™ outsole. The updated StoneGuard™ offers more coverage while using less substance, and the laser-cut drainage holes allow you to get drenched with added drainage.

For the first time, Altra EGOTM midsole foam meets the Lone Peak. The result? Substantiantial cushioning, enhanced durability and maximum responsiveness. You will feel the innovation at every step.

The lifetime period of running shoes is generally significantly shorter than that of classic trekking boots, but compared to other trail models, the Lone Peak performs very well. Their durability depends mainly on the terrain in which you move in (it is not very suitable for a flat hard surface such as asphalt), your step and the load on your shoes.

We recommend to use the shoe covers on snow and in loose terrain, where sand, stones or small twigs may get inside the shoes. If you are walking in rain and wet terrain, they work great in combination with waterproof socks.

Although cross-country trail shoes have a number of advantages over conventional trekking shoes, you should consider whether they are suitable for the type of trek you are going to. For light to medium terrain, on marked trails and in three-season conditions we can only recommend them. We would not recommend them for long-distance off-trails (off roads and marked trails), in terrain with climbing sections or glacier crossings or for winter expeditions. Remember, no running shoes are compatible with crampons - classic heavy hiking boots still have it's place in trekking.

  • FOOTSHAPE™ TOE BOX allows your toes to relax and spread out naturally for more comfort and stability in uphill climbs and downhill descents
  • BALANCED CUSHIONING PLATFORM places your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground to encourage proper, low-impact form throughout your trail run
  • GAITERTRAP™ hook-and-loop tab allows straples gaiter attachment that prevents from building up beneath the shoe
  • TRAILCLAW™ canted lugs positioned strategically beneath the metetarsals to provide traction at toe off
  • MAXTRAC™ is a perfect combination of grip, traction and durability that will eat up gnarly terrain like a boss

Tip: for small repairs and to prolong the life of your shoes we recommend Aquasure shoe repair adhesive.

Size chart

EUR 42 42,5 43 44 44,5 45 46 46,5 47 48
cm 26,5 27 27,5 28 28,5 29 29,5 30 30,5 31

If you are still not sure which shoes to choose, check out this summary video from our tester Viktorka.


Outsole MaxTrac™
Midsole Altra EGO™
Upper Quick-Dry Air Mesh
Weight 286 g (one shoe size 43 - weighed in Pod 7 kilo)


Outsole MaxTrac™
Midsole Altra EGO™
Upper Quick-Dry Air Mesh
Weight 286 g (one shoe size 43 - weighed in Pod 7 kilo)

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Je to bačkůrka
Super boty

2022/08/11 14:05

pohodlné boty na trek

2022/03/16 10:50

Hodne mista pro prsty

2021/04/27 19:47

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