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  • Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Uberlite

Knives and multitools


5 g

Tiny Titanium Keychain Knife. Ultra lightweight and portable. Replaceable blade.

In stock

55 g

An ultra-portable, 1.4 oz. keychain tool with 10 useful tools including spring-action scissors.

In stock

34 g

Deejo Knives Carbide Pocket Sharpener to keep your deejo knife sharp.

In stock

57 g

A keychain-size multi-tool with durable aluminium handles, spring-action pliers and more. 9 in 1.

In stock

27 g

Ultralight minimalistic elegant knife suitable for trekking, daily use or as a gift.

In stock

17 g

Ultimate minimalist design keyring knife

In stock

16 g

Smallest corkscrew in the world. Full size teflon coated helix. Keyring.

In stock

5 g

Super tiny scissors for cutting stuff.

Expected approx. February 2022 (not confirmed)